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Vocālis is a vibrant multicultural choir nestled in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Our collective love for harmonizing transcends boundaries, shaping us into a diverse ensemble celebrating 20 languages and an array of musical styles!

Far from the ordinary, we’re not your run-of-the-mill community choir. Our accomplished musical directors refine our artistry, offering top-notch vocal guidance in our weekly rehearsals.

A New Zealander of Māori and Samoan extraction, Steven is best known for his arrangements and compositions of Pacific choral music. Tracing his family lineage back to his ancestral lands of the Hokianga in the north of Aotearoa, as well as to the Samoan villages of Sāfune and Sāmauga in Savai'i, and Vailoa (Aleipata) in Upolu, he was greatly influenced by the customs and music of both cultures. In particular his childhood involvement in traditional Samoan church life, through the insistence of his maternal grandparents, meant that music, both religious and cultural, was always a feature of his upbringing.

A graduate of the University of Auckland in vocal performance and choral studies, Steven has arranged and composed music for many notable national choirs including the New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir and the New Zealand Youth Choir. He currently works as a singing teacher, choral director, language coach (phonology and languages for singers), a professional singer, arranger, and composer in and around New Zealand.

Diana is a member of the NZ Association of Teachers of Singing, is an itinerant music specialist in Auckland, and amongst her other interests is Music Director of the Auckland Welsh Choir (Côr Cymraeg Auckland). As a New Zealander of Welsh heritage, Diana has been delighted to be introduced by the choir to the Welsh language through performance of traditional Welsh songs. She has always felt a special affinity for Celtic music, and in addition has continued to broaden the scope of repertoire. The result is a choir that is comfortable with a wide variety of genres.

Rehearsals begin with vocal warm-ups and exercises to extend our range and improve our tone. We work on timing, breath support, dynamics, phrasing and musicality as we work on our repertoire. It’s lots of fun – like a group singing lesson with friends.

Experience it firsthand!

You are invited to join us for a few rehearslas so we can gauge if our choir aligns with your musical aspirations. Rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 7:30-9:30pm at One Tree Hill College.

Contact us to arrange your visit and experience the spirit of Vocālis firsthand.


Connecting with others outside of our musical norm and enjoying spending time together!

Be it picnics, BBQs, a Christmas Cabaret or a meal at the pub, hanging out helps keep our community together. We are a diverse group of people who have found that sharing a love of choral singing and the challenge of singing in different languages opens many doors to new friendships!